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Full Body & Great for Injuries Exercises – 5 Minute No Excuses Workout

Arms Hips Workout for Pregnant Women - Pregnancy Exercises Fitness

Side Plank Workout While Pregnant – Hips & Arms Exercises

Body Image Questions

9 Body Image Questions You Need to Ask Your Daughter

Mothers, choose your words carefully. Body image must-read “9 Questions To Ask Your Daughter” by @angelaparkerfit — Brooke Burke-Charvet (@brookeburke) April 26, 2013   Inspiring your daughter to be a healthy, fit, and confident young lady takes more than just driving her to ballet class, emphasizing a longer hemline, and serving up smoothies on [...]

High Intensity Interval Training

High Intensity Workout Routines for Moms

Most moms can barely get out the door on time, let alone find an hour to squeeze in a workout. But what would you say if I told you all you need is 25 minutes, five times a week, to get a smokin’ bod? Seriously. I don’t believe in long workouts. I can’t believe in [...]

Moms- Get Fit WITH Your Daughter!

“This program is not just about exercise,” says Angela.  “It’s about moms and daughters actually getting to know each other better.  Young girls LOVE learning that their own mom was once a young girl with fears, insecurities, dreams, and questions about life and growing up.  When moms have the opportunity to share these things with [...]

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