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Frequently Asked Questions

Motivating your daughter to exercise, be active & make healthy food choices starts with her biggest role model- YOU! Help your daughter build confidence, self esteem & love her body with this at home 90-day mother & daughter fitness program. All of your questions answered…


I have a very busy schedule. How can I fit this program in?

YOU decide how much you do and how often you do it! We simply make suggestions! We suggest at least ONE Mom Only workout a week, ONE Mom/Daughter workout a week, and to set one Connection Question date each week. The workout length is decided by you – you can workout for fifteen minutes to one hour. You can do our minimum suggestion or workout six days a week. You decide.

How often do I need to workout on the program?

As much or as little as you want. We do suggest at least one day for yourself and one day with your daughter. If you are looking to really get in shape we suggest (to all our clients) working out between 3-6 days a week depending on goals, available time, desire, and opportunity.


Do I have to be in shape to lead my daughter in this program?

No way Jose. This program has six Mom Only cardio workouts and 6 Mom Only strength workouts. You pick and choose depending on what your goals and interests are. You decide how long each workout lasts and how high of an intensity you want to work at. You can make them short and easy or long and super challenging.

I have never worked out myself. Can I do this program?

Absolutely! Since we provide you with an easy to follow program with descriptions and photos, you are all set to go!

I have lots of injuries. Can I do this program?

Yes ma’am. We empower you to not do exercises you do not think are a fit for your body. We also believe anybody at any level of fitness should be exercising. Where there’s a will, there’s smaller waist lines ladies!

I am in really great shape. Will this program be a challenge?

FOR SURE! Even if you are in crazy shape this program will kick your butt. You can really crank up the intensity on these short at-home Mom Only workouts. These workouts are our exact workouts. Believe us, if you want to bust it…. you can. For example, you could combine two workouts, or increase your speed on each workout, and you may also add hand weights to make it more challenging.

I already have a workout routine that I love and I do not want to give that up.

Then don’t! You don’t HAVE to do everything in this program. You apply what works for you and your family and skip the rest. If you are already into your workout program simply skip the Mom Only workouts and just do The Mom/Daughter workouts and connection questions. This program offers so much variety, giving you options and the decision to do what works best for you.


My daughter has some weight to lose will this help?

YES! Becoming active is key to losing weight. Our program is designed to be effective but also fun. The key is that you do it together! Losing weight is just part of the process of being healthy and becoming more fit. This program is not centered around “losing weight,” but rather it is centered on discovering how fun getting healthy can be and how easy it really is.

My daughter is very active and fit. Is this program good for her?

YES! Even if your daughter is very active and fit this program will help build self-esteem, body awareness, educate her on nutrition, learn to stretch, and have the opportunity to have weekly Connection Questions with YOU!

My daughter is starting to feel self-conscious about her body. Is this program OK for her?

This program is PERFECT for both Moms and Daughters looking to improve the way they feel about their bodies!

My daughter has really struggled with her weight and has done lots of diets. Is this program OK for her?

YES! This program teaches that diets do not work! It educates and motivates young ladies to finally ditch the diet cycle, start exercising, start talking, and get down to the real issues. Therefore this program helps make losing weight a result of learning how to live a healthier and more balanced life.

My daughter has had an eating disorder is this program OK for her?

Although our program is powerful because of the connection between Mom and Daughter it is NOT meant to replace a certified and trained eating disorder professional. We highly suggest you connect with your doctor, therapist, or eating disorder team to see if this program is right for your daughter.

I am interested in doing this program with a young lady who is not my daughter. Is that OK?

OF COURSE!!!!! This program is designed for you to make it your own. We strongly encourage you to do this program with any young lady who you feel you can inspire to live a healthier life! You go girl!

Can I do this program with more than one daughter?

YES! You only need to buy one program. We suggest you consider what is best for your girls. Perhaps they would benefit from one-on-one time with you. Or perhaps you can do it all together!  Do it anyway that works for you!


How will I know how to perform the exercises?

We provide detailed descriptions AND photos, making it super easy to understand!

Do you give me a diet in this program?

No. We give you the information you and your family need to inspire you to make better choices. Diets do NOT work! Eating whole and REAL foods changes your body and your life forever. We educate you and your daughter about the vitamins and nutrients in foods that make you healthy, give you silky hair, pretty skin, and keep you from getting sick. We share with you our favorite healthy foods. Plus our connection questions get you and your daughter talking about great choices you can be making and start the process of transforming your kitchen and dinner table!

Does your program include stretching?

Why yes it sure does! Awesome pictures included!

What are Connection Questions?

The best part of the program! Each week you have the chance to sit down with your daughter and answer questions about self-esteem, body awareness, being healthy, getting and staying in shape, foods, eating, diet, exercise, the pressure’s of being a girl, your personal experiences, and so much more! It is THESE questions that make this program so special. When you can communicate and connect with your daughter on a deeper level she will believe in herself, trust you, love her body, and make great choices for a lifetime. The BONUS… you will have the opportunity to work through and discover some things about yourself that you want to work on and handle in your life.

Do I need to purchase any additional equipment?

All you need for this program is good shoes, space to move around, a watch or timer, a bench or chair, comfy workout clothes, a journal, a calendar, and most of all, a good attitude and sense of humor!

Are there any other cost involved?

Nope! Unless you need to purchase some of the above items.

So I can either buy the book on or download the ebook on this website?

Yup! That’s right! Its simply what you prefer. If you wish to have it printed for you click HERE to go to and buy your copy. Or go to the bottom of this page and download your ebook copy directly to your computer.

What is the format of the downloadable program?

This 60 page program is considered an ebook. What that means is that you download this book directly onto your computer. You may keep it on your computer and access it there or you may print it out. It was created in full color with LOTS of photos! You may do whatever you wish!

How do I download the program?

Easy! You click on the BUY NOW banner below. You then will be sent to pay via PayPal. Once the payment is completed, you will receive access to download your program right to your computer. If you wish to print it out, simply print it from your home printer or you may place the program onto a portable jump drive and take it to your local print shop and ask them to print it for you.

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